Vision & Mission

A Brief Glance

PT HOTECH MAJU SENTOSA with the extensive experiences in Corporate and Retail Industry, we offers services and solutions to variants sector such as Marine, Construction, Production, Oil & Gas and Shipping Industries.
Providing comprehensive of top quality products has become our inward focus in delivering outstanding services, in parallel with compliance of National and International Standard Approval.
As for our outward focus is to ensure price competitiveness, expertise in equipment & material, project services delivery and prompt/fast services to our customers.


We thrive to be the best leading company in the industry, by continuously expanding the range and depth of our products & services, while keeping our customers’ top priority at our best.


  • Optimizing our customers satisfaction with superior value of quality and service
  • Providing sustainable and high quality growth of return to our customers & shareholders.
  • Respecting the social and physical environment.
  • To be an inspired company where employees are proud to be part of/to work with.
  • Motto

    The customers are Always and Completely Right


    We offer a variety of product to our clients including


    We offer a variety of services to our clients including


    Oil dan Gas Company


    Service Maintenance

    Home living