Electrode Dryer Oven Termos Pengering Kawat Las 5kg 5 kg

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This product adopts the ac/dc 110-220v mains voltage, controlling temperature in 150 °C ~ 180 °C +15 °C temperature range. It make the moisturecontent of dried welding rod not more than 0.4%, and keep the coating not aging, so as to reach the high quality of weld. It is light and practical, easy to move, used for different working sites, especially suitable for metallurgy, boiler, power plant, ship building, and other large and medium-sized factories.

Brand : HOS
Model : YR-05 K
Type : Vertical
Adaptable Voltage V : AC.DC110-220
Maximum Temperature °C : 150 °C+15
Rod Lenght mm : 450
Weight (kg) : 4
Product Packing Dimension ( L x W x H/cm ) : 66 x 20 x 18
Product Packing Weight (kg) : 6

The welding rod dryer adopts AC/DC 110-220V power supply (or electric welder secondary voltage power supply). When it needs to be heated,please insert one end of the cable plug into the dryer socket, and make the other plug into the power supply socket (or make the other battery clip clamp welder secondary). The red power indicator light and green heating indicator light shine, which means it is being heated; the red light and green light goes out, which means constant temperature state.

YR series welding rod dryers are vertical and breast stroke (can be 45° slope place) dual-purpose dryers. When to take out the rod, press the front button, the upper cover can automatically be opened, and when the welding rod comes out 30mm you can take it. If shorter rod, you should lift the lifter up to the required level, make the steel hook through the round hole rack of lifter handle. When to close the drier you should put down the lifter, and push the cover to be closed.

1) When using the dryer, be sure to wear work clothes and wear gloves, preventing burns skin.
2) When to put the welding rod into the dryer, should tilt the dryer body, First place the lifter into the cylinder. Then make the rod slide to the dryer bottom, preventing collision.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 10 cm


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