ESAB Buddy MIG 500i & BUDDY FEED 402

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Buddy™ Mig 500i is an inverter controlled power source for MIG/MAG welding. With well proven technology, the inverter controlled power source will reduce the overall input power required thus reducing energy cost. Buddy™ Mig 500i handles most MIG/MAG welding applications. Current range of 50-500A enables to give equally good output on thin sheets as well as on thick plates. Stepless inductance control gives stable arc with minimum spatter. Wire feed speed, voltage control and wire inching are set on the wire feeder Buddy™ Feed 402, which is equipped with large feed rolls and powered by a heavy duty drive system for smooth wire feeding. Buddy Feed 402 handles 0.8-1.6 mm MS and 1.2-1.6 mm FC/Al wires. The compact and lightweight wire feeder allows access of the feeder unit into tight spaces, thus improving mobility.


Buddy Feed 402

Height 280 mm
Length 460 mm
Width 200 mm

Buddy Mig 500i

Height 640 mm
Length 610 mm
Width 335 mm
Input Voltage
Model Buddy Mig 500i
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 400 V
Power Specifications
Model Buddy Mig 500i
Open Circuit Voltage 70 VAC
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.93
Protection Class IP21


MCableX 4 x 6


Buddy Feed 402

Weight 9 kg

Buddy Mig 500i

Weight 56 kg

Welding Output

Buddy Feed 402
Buddy Mig 500i

Additional information

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm


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