ESAB Welding Machine Warrior Feed 304 For Warrior 400i – 500i

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The Warrior Feed 304 is an economical wire feeder that brings you the same benefits as its partner Warrior 400i MV and 500i power supplies; simple functionality, rugged durability, and outstanding performance.

Sturdy design with galvanized metal casing for use in tough environments. Electronically controlled feeding gives accurate and stable arc. The 4-roll feeder mechanism with grooves in both feed roll and pressure roll gives stable feeding and low wear on the wire, all to avoid operational disturbance.

* New drive motor offers more torque for improved arc starts, more consistent speed and less noise
* Redesigned 4 roll drive stand mechanism with improved feed rolls, provides positive feeding performance and reduced wire shavings
* Sun-friendly display, volt and amp meter
* Easy-to-use controls (remote voltage, gas purge, inch wire, WFS) trigger lock, and slow run-in make configuration easy
* Short Circuit Termination (SCT) technology sharpens the wire at the end of each weld to promote better arc starts
* Spool cover and lifting handle standard

* Civil Construction
* Energy
* Industrial and General Fabrication
Ship/Barge Building
Repair and Maintenance

Power Specifications
Protection Class : IP23

Input Voltage
Voltage : 42 V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz

Welding Output

Duty Cycle Output Current
60 % : 500 A
100 % : 400 A

Length : 675 mm (26.6 in.)
Width : 265 mm (10.4 in.)
Height : 418 mm (16.5 in.)

Wire Feeder Specifications
Metal : Mild Steel
Wire Diameter : 0.6-1.6 mm
Metal : Staniless Steel
Wire Diameter : 0.8-1.6 mm
Metal : Aluminum
Wire Diameter : 1.0-1.6 mm
Metal : Cored Wire
Wire Diameter : 0.9-1.6 mm
Max Spool Diameter : 305 (432*) mm (12 (17*) in.)
Wire Feed Speed : 0.8-25.4 m/min (32-1000 in./min)
Wire Spool Capacity : 18 kg (44 lb)

Description or Qualifier : Warrior Feed 304
Weight : 14.4 kg (31.7 lb)

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 cm


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