CEJN Filter Regulator & Lubricator FRL System Model 652

Rp 4,588,000.00

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Brand : CEJN
Category : Filter/Regulator & Lubricator
Connection : G 1/2″
Bowl capacity : 11 cl
Max oil capacity : 8 cl
Filtration : 25 µm
Min flow : 20 l/min (0.7 CFM)
Max flow : 5100 l/min (180.0 CFM)

FRL System Model 652
Model 652 combines a shut-off valve, a filter, a regulator and a lubricator in a pre assembled air
treatment kit. The shut-off valve provides a shut-off to downstream machinery, the filter removes
any debris and water, the regulator ensures an adequate pressure level and the lubricator
enables constant and proportional oil delivery; together they provide you with clean air and an
efficient system that will extend the service life of air-powered tools and equipment with a high
focus on safety with the shut-off valve. This combo can be top or side-mounted and is easy to
assemble and maintain. The system is delivered with diverter blocks, used to separate lubricated
air and non-lubricated air. Application: Virtually every industry, e.g. manufacturing, food, process,
carpentry, paper mill etc., rely on compressed air as energy source.

Media : Compressed air, neutral gas
Max. working pressure @ 23°C : 10 bar (145 PSI)
Temperature range : 5°C — +50°C (41°F — +122°F)
Filtering element : Sintered polyethylene
Material body : Aluminium
Material bowl : Polycarbonate
Condensate drain : Semi-automatic
Controlled pressure : 0.5-10 bar (7-145 PSI)
Hysterisis : 0.2 bar (2 PSI)
Regulating device : Rolling diaphragm (very low hysterisis)
Material seal : Nitrile
Lubrication : Selective oil fog
Lubrication oil : Non-detergent type without aggressive additives
Oil refilling : Pressurized


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