Ingersoll Rand Battery Universal Charger BC1121 For IQV12 and IQV20

Rp 4,880,000.00


Ingersoll Rand’s BC1121 lithium-ion universal charger gets all of the batteries in our IQV12 and
IQV20 Series* lineup charged and ready to go whenever you are. Whether it’s our 20V or 12V
batteries, this innovative, multi-use battery charger will make it easier and faster to have a freshly
charged battery to get your work done now, not later.

Compatibility : Charge any of your IQV12 and IQV20 Series batteries on the same universal charger.

Productivity : An LED Fuel Gauge and audible alarm will let you know when your batteries are fully charged and ready to get back to work.

Versatility : The USB charge port on the side means you don’t have to fight for an outlet with your tablet or smart phone. Let us take care of the clutter; you take care of what’s next.


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