Mr McKenic BC8613-AL30 Surface Cleaner 5 IN 1

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Mr McKenic” ”” 5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is a premium grade product for a wide range of surfaces, leaving it smooth and grime free.

It has superior cleaning power and leaves a protective film that prevents fingerprints, stains and oxidization from taking place. By reducing contaminants, the ”’touch screen”’ feature of equipments can maintain its sensitivity.

Besides glass surfaces, Mr McKenic” -5-in-1 Surface Cleaner is also an excellent protector for most other surface types like leather, mirror, rubber, stainless steel, wood, chrome and PVC parts.

Product features:
– Cleans, Shines & Protects
– Prevents Dust Build-up
– Removes Fingerprint Smudging
– Leaves a Smooth Touch
– Improves Clarity/Sensitivity
– General Purpose Cleaner
– Safe on most surfaces
– Non-abrasive
– Non-flammable
– Smudge-Resistant
– Anti-Static


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