RAPID PRO R34E Staple Gun

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Powerful, no compromises metal staple gun designed for demanding professional use and precision performance. Particularly appreciated for its extended working life, the R34E has a new, patented easy to squeeze trigger with 3-step force adjuster. This function makes it 40% easier to operate. Suitable for many tough jobs including fastening of heavy textiles, carpet, leather, netting, canvas and other more sensitive textiles.

New! Easy to squeeze with 3 step force adjuster
All-steel wear parts inside
Made in Sweden
Recoilless with noise damper
Lock function for easy storage
Easy colour match system with staples
No 140 flatwire staples 6-14 mm

Code 20511550
Color ————
Material Steel
Dimensions 39 x 132 x 285
Staple type 140
Staple height 6-14 mm
Adjustable force Yes
Weight 0.89

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